All pictures and drawings on this website remain copyright at all times.
However, if you want to use one (or more) of them, I only have a few limitations. One of them is that you’ll need my written permission. Just send me an e-mail telling me which illustration(s) you want to use and I can send you a high-quality large format scan. See contact information.
Some permission requests can be granted free of charge, but permission for commercial use carry a fee, and permission has to be obtained on a case by case basis.

If you require illustrations for an educational project, personal or non-profit website, we can provide you with standard size images in exchange for a copyright notice, i.e, “drawing courtesy” AND a link back to our site.

To contact the artist, use the contact button on the left or mail to To contact the webmaster:

Without written confirmation of permission in respect of the materials and works included on this website, all other acts are prohibited including but not limited to the following:
reproduction of any kind in any medium;
storage in any medium including extraction into any other database, computer programme or website;
public performance, broadcast or display;
rental, leasing or lending;
extraction, manipulation or altering in any respect.

Know Your Responsibilities:
1.  When it’s created, it’s copyrighted. Use the copyright notice.
2.  The illustrator or the webmaster has the exclusive right to exploit the copyright in each image. That right is for the life of the artist plus 70 years.
3.  Permission to use a copyrighted drawing for any purpose whatsoever must be obtained in advance in writing to avoid possible violation of the law on copyright.
4.  Any unauthorized use constitutes an infringement.
5.  Penalties for infringement are monetary and can be severe.
6.  Combining, altering or scanning illustrations or any part thereof, including electronically, is an exclusive right held by the artist and permission to combine or alter should be obtained in writing prior to any such changes or uses.
7.  An artist’s rendering of an illustration in another medium is a derivative use of an image and does require the written permission of the copyright owner prior to use.

To contact the artist, use the contact button on the left or mail to: To contact the webmaster:

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