Although the botanical drawings are the more important part of this website, you’ll find some of my photographs in this section, ranging from the common Ebenus cretica to the rarest Periploca angustifolia, with some plant-hunting-regions, insects, amphibians and other fascinating things between the plants. New pictures will be added from time to time, so please come back regularly.

Chania ktl 1997s Cistus met insect1s
Cistus with insectss1
Cistus salvifolius s
Farangi Messavlion Salvias
Farangi Therisso Cionura erecta s
Glaucumflavumflowers Gramvousa and Balos2s
MAICh02 s
Gramvousa and Balos1s
Periploca angustifolia Labillsmall
Hyla in Euphorbia near Sfinari s
Oxalis debilis var corymbosa s
West Crete1999mei19nr20s
Phlomis fruticosa s
Maltacross 2007 xs
Pancratium maritimum Chryssi Akti Chania ill xs
Pancratium maritimum twoflowers Chryssi Akti Chania ill xs
seaonion 2007 xs
Smilax 2007 Kalamaki xs
tzitzikas 2007 xs
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