Useful reading 

If you plan to come to Crete and Chania, and you are interested in the Cretan flora, you might find these books helpful :


Flora of the Cretan area: annotated checklist & atlas (Turland, Chilton & Press, 1993) (out of print and out of stock)



Flowers of Greece and the Balkans;A Field Guide (Oleg Polunin) (this book is out of print and out of stock, but you can find this book occasionally in secondhand bookstores; this is a real flora to determine the flowers that you find and it is in a nice format)



 Exkursionsflora für Kreta.( Peter Schönfelder, Ralf Jahn) Stuttgart :Ulmer,1995 (this is a real flora to determine the flowers that you find; one of the best, nice format but only in german)



Wild Flowers of Crete (George Sfikas;1987/2000; paperback)(a compact succinct guide with good photos for the amateur enthusiast. Available in english, greek, french).



Flowers of Crete (J. Fielding & N. Turland, 2005)

(Excellent book and highly recommended, but too heavy to take with you on a trip)




Wild Flowers of Crete (Vangelis Papiomitoglou, 2006: 204 pages, colour illust.,Mediterraneo Editions)



The Flowers of Crete (by Marina Clauser, Publisher:  Bonechi   98 pages , Available in English, French, German and Italian) (describes only about 150 species but with good and large photographs)



Flowers of Greece and the Aegean (by Huxley and Taylor, 1977, Published by Chatto and Windus, London. Out of print and out of stock, but regularly in second-hand stores. With 483 colour illustrations and 77 line drawings. 660 Species are described. At the right, from top to bottom: frontcover, example of colour pages, example of black-and-white pages




I Fysi, the magazine of the Greek Society for the Protection of Nature. More information at . Most articles are in Greek, but regularly descriptions of of new (or new for Greece) plants are (partially) in English.




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Flowers Greece Huxley Taylor ill
Flowers Greece Huxley Taylor color ill
Flowers Greece Huxley Taylor BW ill
I Fysi mag.